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2. The oath of allegiance

3. The Oath of allegiance

4. The oath of allegiance

8. The Oathes of obedience

36. The oppressed mans second outcry for justice, to every member of Parliament against the unparallel'd corruptions, and most cruel oppression, tyranny, and incomparable injustice exercised by the Commissioners for Compounding sitting at Haberdashers Hall London, upon Cornet Christopher Cheesman, late agent for sequestrations in the county of Berks the author hereof ...

37. Orange-cards, representing the late king's reign, and expedition of the Prince of Orange, (viz.) The Earl of Essex's murther. Dr. Otes's whipping. Defacing the monument. ... ; To which is added, the effigies of our gracious K. William and Q. Mary, curiously illustrated and engraven in lively figures; done by the performers of the first Popish Plot Cards

43. Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that Tuesday, being the two and twentieth day of September now next coming, be set apart for a day of publike thanksgiving to be observed and kept in all Churches and chappels, in the several counties, cities and places in the Kingdome of England, above tenne [sic] miles distant from the citie of London, ...

44. Orders and articles made and agreed vpon, by the right honourable the Lords and others of the Kings Maiesties most honourable Priuie Councell, appointing what kinds and sorts of bread are to be made and solde vnto his Highness subiectes, with other good orders to be obserued and kept, for reformation of diuers disorders and abuses, vsed by diuers persons touching the same

45. Orders conceiued and set dovvne by the Lords of her Maiesties Priuie Councell, and Highnesse speciall direction, to be put in execution for the restraint of killing and eating flesh, aswell by the Lord maior within the citie of London, and the officers of the liberties and exempt places in and about the same, as by the Lords lieutenants in the seuerall counties of the realme. In the xxxij. yeere of the Queenes Maiesties reigne..

46. Orders conceiued by the Lords of her Maiesties Priuie Counsel, and by her highnesse special direction, commanded to be put in execution for the restraint of killing, and eating of flesh this next Lent, and to be executed aswell by the Lord Maior within the citie and suburbs of London, and by the officers of the liberties and exempt places in & about the same, as by order to be prescribed by the Lords Lieutenants of al the counties of the realme, to the iustices of peace, Lords of Liberties, and officers of corporate townes. 9. Febr. 44. yeere of her Maiesties reigne..

47. Orders set downe and allowed by the Lordes of her Maiesties priuie counsell, and appoynted to be put in print for her Maiesties seruice: concerning the postes of this realme in generall, presently, or hereafter to be apointed. At Westminster the fourteenth of Ianuary. 1583..