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4. A. C. mery talys

5. A. C. mery talys

12. Cack-handed : a memoir

21. Caleb Williams

22. Caleb's character: or, A good subject's duty. A sermon preach'd in the Cathedral Church of Winchester, at the Assizes held there, March the 8th. 1704/5 : Being the anniversary of Her Majesty's happy accession to the throne. By John Horsnell B.D. vicar of Fordingbridge in the county of Southampton. Published at the request of the gentlemen of the grand-jury

33. Calendarium astrologicum: or, An almanack for the year of our Lord God, MDCLXXVI. It being the bissextile, or leap-year, discovering the state of the year in general; with the sign for every particular day, the eclipses of the luminaries, full sea at London Bridge; the terms and their returns; sun rising, &c. together with the common furniture of other almanacks. Also sundry other useful observations: Whereunto is added a description of the most eminent roads in England, from town to town; and the certain time of any mart or fair happening to be held in any of them

34. Calendarium astrologium: or, An almanack for the year of our Lord God, 1681. It being the first after bissextile, or leap-year. Declaring, the general state of the year, with the sign each day therein; eclipses, full sea, terms and their returns; sun rising and setting, weather, monthly predictions, &c. Also rules for physic and husbandry with sundry other useful observations, not common to be found in almanacks. Unto which is added, a description of the most eminent roads from town to town, and the certain time of any mart or fair, happening in any of them

36. Caliope's cabinet opened & reviewed Wherein all gentlemen of what rank or quality soever, may be informed how to adorn themselves for funerals, feastings, and other heroick meetings: to know all the places, degrees, and distinctions of honour. The titles due to all qualitys, precedency of kings; all the orders of knighthood: with a dictionary or explication of the terms in heraldry; the signification of devises and charges in armory and coats, &c. The second edition inlarged. By James Salter

37. Caliope's cabinet opened wherein gentlemen may be informed how to adorn themselves for funerals, feastings, and other heroick meetings : also, here they may know their place and worth with all the degrees and distinctions of honour in the realm, shewing how every one ought to take place with the titles due to them, with other things of antiquity very observable

40. Call the midwife. Season three

41. A Call to all the shepherds of Israel to remember their great masters last loving charge to them in compliance with, and in answer unto a late letter sent abroad by a worthy author, and commended to the members of several separations in this kingdom, to the end they might return, and give honour and obedience to their mother, and unite themselves in love to their brethren, sons of the Church of England