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2. N. Clenardi Græcæ linguæ institutiones Cum scholiis et praxi Petri Antesignani Rapistagnensis: a Frid. Sylburgio denuo recognitæ; notationibusque Henr. Stephani, noua syntaxi; adhæ declinationum, coniugationum, & verborum anomalorum tabulis synopticis; tum, præter capitum seriem, duobus indicibus locupletissimis, Græco scilicet verborum, & Latino rerum, ab eodem Sylburgio in tyronum gratiam auctæ atque illustratæ

24. Nalus Maha-bharati episodium;

53. Natalis Durret cosmographi regii, ac eminentissimi Cardinalis Ducis de Richelieu supplementi tabularum richelienarum pars prima cum brevi planetarum theoria ex Kepleri sententia. Ad meridianum parisiensem 40 minutis Vraniburgico occidentaliorem juxta Keplerum. Opus non modo astronomis & astrologis, sed & theologis, medicis, historiographis, politicis, ac poëtis, per utile & necessarium. Premiere partie du supplement des tables richelienes Den. Durret cosmographe ordinaire du roy & du tres-eminent Cardinal Duc de Richelieu. Auec une briefue theorie des planetes selon Kepler. Pour le meridien de Paris, distant de celuy d'Vranibourg de 40 minutes, selon Kepler. Ocuure fort utile & necessaire, non seulement aux astronomes, & astrologues, mais aussi aux theologiens. Medecins, historiographes, politiques, & poëtes

65. Nativity

70. Natural history

72. Natural history

74. The natural method of teaching the first book, being the accidence in questions and answers, explained, amended, abridged, and fitted to the capacity and use of the lowest form : leading the learner from : letters to syllables, syllables to words, words to sentences : 1. Single, 2. Compounded : where is added an account of the transposition, and most usual ellipses of words in a sentence, by perpetual, plain, easie and necessary : I. Examples to be imitated, II. Rules to direct the imitation, III. Exercises Latin and English to ascertain the imitation by the direction of the rules : into which is inserted : I. A vocabulary of English and Latin words under each part of speech, reduced into tolerable order, II. Sententiæ pueriles English and Latin, consisting of the same words put into plain sentences under every syntactick rule

96. Navidad Renacentista

100. Ne irascaris, Domine