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1. 1. Catonis disticha de moribus 2. Dicta insignia septem sapientum Græciæ. 3. Mimi publiani, sive, Senecæ proverbia, Anglo-Latina. Cato item grammaticè interpretatus, Latinis & vernaculis vocibus, pari ordine, sed diversis lineis alternatis. Quò sc. ætatula puerilis præcepta vitæ communis ita legant ut intelligant. A Carolo Hoolo, A. M. privatæ scholæ grammaticæ institutore in aurificum viculo apud Londinates. 1. Cato's distichs concerning manners; 2. Excellent sayings of the seven wise men of Greece. 3. Publius's stage-verses, or, Seneca's proverbs in Latine and English. Likewise Cato construed grammatically, with one row Latine and another English. Whereby little children may understandingly learn the rules of common behaviour. By Charles Hoole, Mr. of Arts, and teacher of a private grammar school in Goldsmiths Alley, London

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