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4. A necessary and seasonable testimony against toleration and the present proceedings of sectaries and their abettors in England in reference to religion and government : with an admonition and exhortation unto their brethern there, from the commissioners of the Kirk of Scotland. as also the return of the estates of the Parliament of Scotland thereupon, concurring with the said testimony, and manifesting, that all the members of Parliament have upon their solemn oath disclaimed the knowledge of, or accession to the proceedings of the English army, against his Majesty or the members of Parliament in England Jan. 18. 1648/9. Together also with a letter from the said Commissioners to the ministers in the province of London, of the same date. Allowed of and entered according to order

5. Nehemiah's teares and prayers for Judah's affliction : and the ruines and repaire of Jerusalem. Delivered in a sermon in the Church of Margarets Westminster, before the honourable House of Commons upon the day of their monethly humiliation, April 24. 1644

6. Neuues from Millaine and Spaine the copy of a letter written from Millaine to Venice, by Signior Padre, concerning a strange prince, called Prince Mammon, who is lately come into that state : a proclamation made in the name of His Maiesty of Spaine, for the search, finding out and apprehending of all such persons, as shall be suspected to be sent out of Millaine, by Prince Mammon ... : a letter written from S. Lucas, concerning the iustice and execution in Millaine, done vpon two of the principall conspirators in the dispersing of infectious oyntment and powders made by the diuell

10. Nevves from forraigne parts for the last two weeks past, very fitting for this state to take notice of in this time of division and distraction especially the great councell of the kingdome, the Parliament : in which you shall fine matter enough to make use of, according to the old proverb, When your neighbours house is on fire looke to your owne ...