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7. 100 best letters, 1847-1947

12. 100 great Africans

38. 100 questions about the Chinese Communists

45. 1000 jaar Kelten

50. 100-yŏn chŏn Yŏngguk ŏllon ŭn Chosŏn ŭl ŏttŏk'e pwassŭlkka? : "Ik'onomisŭt'ŭ" ka pon kŭndae Chosŏn

100년 전 영국 언론 은 조선 을 어떻게 봤을까: "이코노미스트" 가 본 근대 조선

64. 1066 in perspective

95. 13, Augusti, 1645. An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for the executing the ordinance, dated the 15. of Febru. 1644. For the raising moneys for the maintenance of Sir Tho: Fairfax army, and to continue ten moneths longer, beginning the first day of this instand december, 1645