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2. 13, Augusti, 1645. An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for the executing the ordinance, dated the 15. of Febru. 1644. For the raising moneys for the maintenance of Sir Tho: Fairfax army, and to continue ten moneths longer, beginning the first day of this instand december, 1645

4. 1602. 1603. A true report of al the burials and christnings within the citie of London and the liberties thereof, from the 23. of December, 1602. to the 22. of December, 1603. Whereunto is added the number of euery seuerall parish, from the 14. of Iuly, to the 22. of December, aswell within the city of London, and the liberties thereof, as in other parishes in the skirtes of the citty, and out of the freedome adioyning to the cittie, according to the report, made to the Kinges most excellent Maiestie

6. The 19. of August. The entertainement of Count Mansfield, and the Duke of Brunsvvick, into the seruice of the Duke of Bulloygne, being both dismissed by the King of Bohemia. : As also the inuasion made vpon the countrey of SerBruggen by Count Mansfield, with his arriuall in the prouince of Namure ... with strange tidings from Bergen vp Zome ... likewise the wonderfull proceedings of Monsieur Tilly and Don Cordoua in the palatinate ... moreouer, the late commotion which happened in Turkie, wherein about 60000 Turkes were slayne: with the actions of Bethlem Gabor ...

7. The 19. of Iuly. In this weekly newes is related the great difference or vnlikelihood of agreement betweene the Emperour and Bethlem Gabor. : With the comming downe of the Marquis of Iaggerendorf, with his forces into Silesia, to relieue the cittie Glats, belonging to the king of Bohemia, being alreadie arrived at Gabalonica. : As also the recovery of the Great cittie Chur in Switzerland by the Protestants..

8. The 20th. of September. The newes which now arrive from diuers parts, translated out of Dutch copies, with some aduertisements sent hither, vnto such as correspond with friends on the other side. In seuerall letters from honourable and worshipfull personages, residing at Skink Sconce, in the leager of his excellencie at Breda, in the campe of Count Mansfield, and from other places..

9. The 25. of September. Nevves from most parts of christendome. Especially from Rome, Italy, Spaine, France, the Palatinate, the Low Countries, and diuers other places. VVherein is contained a full and certaine relation, of the last battle fought at Bergen vp-Zome, and the great ouerthrow which Spinolaes forces receiued from those of the towne. With the lamentable losse of the city of Heidlebergh, after many braue repulses given to the enemie: and the names of some principall leaders, as were slaine in defence of the towne. And diuers other speciall matters, coninued from the last printed newes of the twentieth, to this present..

10. The 27. of August. Mansfeilds arrivall in the dukedome of Brabant, and is alreadie come on this side Bruxelles, burning, spoyling, and ransoming the countrey. Also Gonzales comming towards him with great forces, with the rest of their proceedings. With the destruction of Spinola's forces before Berghen op Zoom; as also the marching of the English forces of the regiment of the Lord Vaus from Antwerpe to Bergen, with the number of them. Likewise, a true relation of the proceedings and circumstances, touching the royall coronation of the most illustrious, most mightie princesse, Lady Eleonora, Empresse of Rome, Queene of Hungaria, Arch-Dutches of Austria, and Dutches of Mantua. Moreover, the straite besieging of Mamora by the Hollanders, with the invasion made by the Protestant grisons vpon the countrey of Tyrolle, and the obtaining of great store of cattell. Lastly, the couragious Sally made by the garrisons in Glatts, vpon the emperialls; with the delivering vp of Hagenaw to Leopoldus; as also [Klin]genbergh to the Emperour