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3. S.

4. 'S

5. S & M brothers

6. The s & m homos

7. S & M star

8. S / M stud

9. S & T.

12. S books

16. S, m, l, o, e

21. SA in poësie = SA in poetry

26. Sâba Macdonald

34. Sabbaths

38. Sabina

42. Sabon Gari

46. SABR--Negro Leagues Committee newsletter

49. Sacaron Navajas

54. Sackbut review

57. Sacramental meditations and advices grounded upon Sripture [sic] texts : proper for communicants to prepare their hearts, excite their affections, quicken their graces and enliven their devotions on sacramental occasions : and likewise useful to promote gracious dispositions and resolutions in Christians, at all times, upon the remembrance of a crucified Jesus : together with a short Christian directory, and a variety of Scripture songs, for Zion's travellers : appendix, I. A lecture concerning the institution of the Lord's Supper, on I Cor. xi. 17, -- to the end : II. A preparation sermon, from Josh. iii. 5 : III. An action sermon, from Cant. ii. 4

58. The Sacramento observer

62. Sacred and moral poems

67. Sacred biography and history, or, Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures : containing descriptions of Palestine, ancient and modern, lives of the patriarchs, kings and prophets, and of Christ and the apostles most eminent reformers, Luther, Melancthon, Calvin, &c. : and sketches of the ruins of the celebrate cities, Palmyra, Nineveh, Jerusalem, and others mentionedin the sacred writings

68. Sacred biography, or, The history of the patriarchs : to which is added, the history of Deborah, Ruth, and Hannah : being a course of lectures delivered at the Scot's Church, London Wall

71. Sacred cows

77. Sacred fix

79. Sacred harp

80. The sacred harp : a collection of psalm and hymn tunes, odes, and anthems selected from the most eminent authors : together with nearly one hundred pieces never before published : suited to most metres, and well adapted to churches of every denomination, singing schools, and private societies : with plain rules for learners

81. Sacred heart

85. The Sacred lute : a collection of sacred music : designed for the use of congregations generally, consisting of new tunes, anthems and chants for public and private worship, to which is added an elementary department including a variety of light glees, choruses, &c., &c., for the social circle, concerts, and musical conventions

87. Sacred monsters

91. The sacred place

97. The sacred theory of the earth : containing an account of its original creation, and of all the general changes, which it hath undergone, or is to undergo, until the consummation of all things : in two volumes : the two first books concerning the deluge, and paradise : the two last concerning the general conflagration, and the new heavens and new Earth : with a review of the theory, especially in reference to Scripture