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5. The good husvvifes ievvell VVherein is to be found most excellent and rare deuises for conceits in cookerie, found out by the practise of Thomas Dawson. Whereunto is adioyned sundry approued reseits for many soueraine oyles, and the way to distill many precious waters, with diuers approued medicines for many diseases. Also certaine approued points of husbandry, very necessarie for all husbandmen to know

9. Grammaticæ Latinae, de etymologia, liber secundus, ex vetustissimis artis, et linguae auctoribus, depromtus, ea methodo quam senatus literatorum, regia auctoritate Sterlingi habitus, Scoticæ juventuti facillimam censuit. : Addita sunt, sed minoribus characteribus, in provectiorum gratiam, ex intimis artis penetralibus, pleráque à nemine priùs congesta, quibus auctor pueris properantibus interdici velit..

10. Greenes Carde of fancie. Wherein the folly of those carpet knights is deciphered, which guiding their course by the compasse of Cupid, either dash their ship against most dangerous rocks, or else attaine the haven with pain & peril. Wherein also is described in the person of Gwydonius, a cruell combate between nature and necessitie