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1. Nevv Mexico. Otherwise, The voiage of Anthony of Espeio who in the yeare 1583. with his company, discouered a lande of 15. prouinces, replenished with townes and villages, with houses of 4. or 5. stories height, it lieth northward, and some suppose that the same way men may by places inhabited go to the lande tearmed Deʻ Labrador. Translated out of the Spanish copie printed first at Madreel, 1586, and afterward at Paris, in the same yeare

2. Nevves out of the coast of Spaine The true report of the honourable seruice for England, perfourmed by Sir Frauncis Drake in the moneths of Aprill and May last past, 1587. Vpon Cales, and also since that in the Cape S. Vincent and Cape Saker: discoursed at large with euerie seuerall exploit of their fortunate successe, according to their owne letters, which likewise is confirmed by those that came from thence

3. The Newe Testament of Our Lord Iesus Christ

5. A notable historie containing foure voyages made by certayne French captaynes vnto Florida vvherein the great riches and fruitefulnes of the countrey with the maners of the people hitherto concealed are brought to light, written all, sauing the last, by Monsieur Laudonniere, who remained there himselfe as the French Kings lieuetenant a yere and a quarter: newly translated out of French into English by R.H. In the end is added a large table for the better finding out the principall matters contayned in this worke