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9. J]erusalem's captivities lamented : [Or], A plain description of [J]erusalem. [Fr]om Joshua's time to the year of ... Christ 1517, both by Scripture and ancient history., the antiquity of the city, with the number of the inhabitants and strength thereof, the ...argeness of the trenches, with the number of the walls and towers, and the greatness of the city, with the beauty thereof. [But] also the greatness of the temple and glory ... of the Sanctum Sancturum, or the holy of's: together with a large description of Christ's birth, life and death, and miraculous wonders, that happened in and about that ... time: with an account of Christ's personal features. [Of] which is added, the sad and ever to be lamented desolation and destruction of Jerusalem, by fire and sword, pestilence and famine