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2. The ladies' diary : or woman's almanack, for the year of our Lord 1797; being the first after bissextile, or leap-year. Containing new improvements in arts and sciences, and many entertaining particulars: designed for the use and diversion of the fair-sex. The ninety-fourth almanack published of this kind

3. The Ladies' own memorandum-book; or, Daily pocket journal, for the year 1798 : Designed as a methodical register of the transactions of business, as well as amusement. Containing, I. Introductory address. II. Country dances for the year 1798. III. Useful market tables. IV. Chronological notes in 1796. V. Birth-days and years of the royal family. VI. Birth-days of the sovereigns in Europe. VII. Rules for finding the moveable feasts, &c. VIII. A perpetual diary. IX. Answers to last year's enigmas, charades, and rebuses. X. New enigmas. XI. New Charades. XII. New rebuses. XIII. Favourite new songs, sung at Vauxhall, &c. in 1797. XIV. Original pieces

6. The lady and the pye; or, know thyself

8. The lady's miscellany; or Pleasing essays, poems, stories, and examples, for the instruction and entertainment of the female sex in general, in every station of life : By George Wright, Esq. Author of The rural Christian, Pleasing melancholy, Gentleman's miscellany. [Two lines of verse].

9. The Lady's pocket library : containing, 1. Miss More's Essays. 2. Dr. Gregory's Legacy to his daughters. 3. Lady Pennington's Unfortunate mother's advice to her daughters. 4. Rudiments of taste, by the Countess of Carlisle. 5. Mrs. Chapone's Letter on the government of th temper. 6. Swift's Letter to a young lady newly married. 7. Moore's Fables for the female sex

22. Laugh and be fat, or The merry Jester : containing the newest, drollest, queerest, completest, most commical, most facetious, and best collection, over offered to the inhabitants of Great-Britain, and Ireland, of diverting jests funny jokes frolicsoms stores humourous sayings entertaining tales lively bonmots pleasant adventures keen repartees merry waggeries excellent puns curious buils, English, Irish, and Scotch smart quibbles agreeable humbugs witty gibs, and other flashes of merriment. To which are added, the following humourous and agreeable articles, viz. new, merry, and ingenuous conundrums, rebuffes, riddles, epigrams, epitaphs, poems, acrosticks and other witticisms. Together with an entire new selection of toasts, sentiments, hobnabs. &c. at this time used in the best companies in London and Westminster. Calculated for both sexes, to kill care, to banish sorrow, and promote mirth, fun, jolity, and good humour: almost the whole of this work being really new, and written on purpose. To which is perfixed, the bad bargain on both sides

28. The law-dictionary : explaining the rise, progress, and present state, of the English law, in theory and practice; ... Originally compiled by Giles Jacob; and continued by him, and other editors, through ten editions: now greatly enlarged and improved, ... by T. E. Tomlins, ... In two volumes. ...

38. Laws of the state of Delaware

43. Laws of the state of Delaware, passed at a session of the General Assembly, which was begun and held at Dover, on Tuesday, the third day of January, and ended on Tuesday, the twenty-fourth day of the same month, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven, and of the independence of the United States of America the twenty-first : Published by authority

54. A layman's protest against the Profane blasphemy, false charges, and illiberal invective of Thomas Paine, author of a book, entitled "The age of reason, part I. And II : Being an investigation of true and fabulous theology." By I. Padman, Jun

69. Lessons in elocution: or A selection of pieces, in prose and verse : for the improvement of youth in reading and speaking. By William Scott. To which are prefixed, Elements of gesture, illustrated by four elegant copper-plates; and Rules for expressing, with propriety, the various passions and emotions of the mind

73. Letter, addressed to the legislators of the several states, composing the federal union; recommending an uniform continental currency : With rules for calculating in dollars and cents; also, a table shewing the weight and value of sundry coins, &c. in the same. By the author of The stranger's assistant, and The intercourse of nations

83. A letter from His Grace the Duke of Richmond : to Lieutenant-Colonel Sharman, Chairman to the Committee of correspondence, appointed by the delegates of forty-five corps of volunteers, assembled at Lisburn in Ireland. With notes, by a member of the Society for Constitutional Information

87. A letter from the archbishops and bishops of the province of Dublin to his holiness, Pius VI : On the constitution announcing the condemnation of the errors of the synod of Pistoria; with the answer which they recieved by order of his holiness. To which is added a letter from the Sacred congregation of propaganda fide, to the eccesiastical trustees on the establishment and regulations of the Royal College of St. Patrick, at Maynoth; with the answer of the trustees to the said brief; and the elegant original Latin as was printed by the college printer, by order of the trustees

95. A letter from the Rt. Honourable Edmund Burke to His Grace the Duke of Portland, on the conduct of the minority in Parliament : Containing fifty-four articles of impeachment against the Rt. Hon. C.J. Fox. From the original copy, in the possession of the noble duke

99. Letter from the secretary of the Treasury, accompanied with his report and estimates of the sums necessary to be appropriated for the service of the year 1798 : also, a statement of receipts and expenditures at the Treasury of the United States, for one year, preceding the first of October, 1797. 11th December, 1797, referred to the Committee of Ways and Means. Published by order of the House of Representatives