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10. An Atlas to Walker's geography and gazetteer : World, - plate I. These plates are inserted in geography. Mechanical figures, &c. II. Astronomical ditto, III. Solar system, &c. IV. Optical figures, V. Botanical ditto, VI. General chart of the world, VII. United States of America, VIII. Europe, - - IX. England and Wales, - X. Scotland, - - XI. Ireland, - - XII. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, - XIII. Northern part of Russia, XIV. Souther part of Russia, XV. Poland, as divided, XVI. Germany, Plate XVII. Swisserland, - XVIII. Holland, or seven united provinces, - XIX. Netherlands, - XX. France in departments, XXI. Spain and Portugal, XXII. Italy, - - XXIII. Turkey in Europe, and Hungary, - - XXIV. Asia, - - XXVII. West Indies, - XXVIII. North America in general, XXIV. South America, - XXX. Historical chart, XXXI