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1. J. Case, who succeeds in the room of Mr. Tho. Saffeld lately deceased, and who is an approved and licensed physician and student in astrology, now lives at the Black Ball and Lilly's Head, next door to the Feather-shops, that are within Black-Friers Gate-way, which is over against Ludgate Church, just by Ludgate in London, who resolves these questions followwing, viz. Whether any ones life may be happy or unhappy

5. Jack Had-Lands lamentation, that sold and made away his 'state, and spent his money early and late; and let his wife and children want, now he makes great moan and does repent; and desires all good-fellows where e're they be, to take warning of his poverty. He was cast in prison at that bout, his poor wife she helpt him out; she had small reason to do that thing but true love is a gallant thing; there is scarce a tap-house in London town. Will help a man when he is cast down. To the tune of, It is old ale that has undone me. This may be printed, R.P.