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2. A collection of charters and other publick acts relating to the province of Pennsylvania, viz I. The royal charter to William Penn, Esq. : II. The first frame of government, granted in England, in 1682 : III. Laws agreed upon in England : IV. Certain conditions or concessions : V. The act of settlement, made at Chester, 1682 : VI. The second frame of government, granted 1682 : VII. The charter of the city of Philadelphia, granted October 25. 1701 : VIII. The new charter of privileges to the province, granted October 28, 1701

4. A continuation of the account of the orphan-house in Georgia, from January 1740/1, to January 1742/3 to which is prefixed the prefact to the former account, and a plan of the building : there are also subjoin'd, some extracts from an account of a work of a like nature, carried on by the late Professor Franck in Glaucha near Hall in Saxony