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6. To the freemen and freeholders, of the city of New-York : Gentlemen, as you are now met, I shall open the occasion of your being called together. You all doubtless well remember, that in the latter end of the month of October last, was imported into this city, and deposited in the fort, a quantity of stamped vellum, parchment and paper, intended to be distributed in this province, by virtue of a late act of Parliament ...

7. Two papers, on the subject of taxing the British colonies in America : the first entitled, "Some remarks on the most rational and effectual means that can be used in the present conjuncture for the future security and preservation of the trade of Great-Britain, by protecting and advancing her settlements on the north continent of America." : the other, "A proposal for establishing by act of Parliament the duties upon stampt paper and parchment in all the British American colonies.".