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1. E. B. M. Commune Concilium tentum in Camera Guildhald, Ciuit. London, tertio die Octobris, anno regni Domini nostri Iacobi, Dei gratia, Angliæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ, regis fidei defensoris, &c. vicesimo, & Scotiæ quinquagesimo sexto. ... Whereas Blackwell-Hall anciently hath beene, and is a common market place, principally instituted and ordained for clothiers, ...

2. Foode for families: or, An wholsome houshold-discourse: in which all estates and sorts of people whatsoeuer, are taught, [brace] their duties towards God, their alegeance to their King, and their brotherly loue and charitie one to another. Written, for the plainer and better vnderstanding, in a dialogue betweene the father and the sonne..

12. The Earl of Essex his declaration concerning the Kings Most Excellent Majesty wherein is expressed his resolution concerning His Majesty and his royall posterity, the two Houses of Parliament, and the subjects of this kingdome : also the names of those delinquents whose armes are ordered by the Parliament to be seized on for not contributing to the necessity of the commonwealth, and the sequestring the rents and profits of the clergie that have taken up armes against the Parliament

20. The Earle of Portlands charge, delivered to the Lords House by M. Pym. Also a new plot discovered. Being the relation of the Earle of Northamptons surprizing the magazine at Banbury by the forging of a false letter. Also the taking of Warwick castle by the said Earle, and his carrying of the magazine to the said castle. With certaine propositions propounded by the Earle of Northampton to the Lord Brooke at their meeting, and the Lord Brooke his iudicious and religious answer thereunto. John. Brown Cler. Parl

21. The Earle of Warwickes glorious victory over fifty ships of the King of Denmarkes in the narrow seas. Report thereof being made to the House of Commons by a merchant of London, that came lately from Norway. With an order from the House of Commons to the Earle of Warwicke, that one and fifty ships should be strongly prepared with 500 pieces of ordnance. Also how many hundred thousand pounds the charge of the Navy hath amounted unto, raised out of the bill of tonnage and poundage, and what the King hath received out of the same bill. And how the Earle of Stamford, the Lord Ratham, and Sir Arthur Haslerigg executed the militia in Leicestershire. Lastly the totall summe of the money sent by the Parliament to Munster and Dublin in Ireland. I. B. Cler. P.

30. The earliest English law reports