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1. J. Case, who succeeds in the room of Mr. Tho. Saffeld lately deceased, and who is an approved and licensed physician and student in astrology, now lives at the Black Ball and Lilly's Head, next door to the Feather-shops, that are within Black-Friers Gate-way, which is over against Ludgate Church, just by Ludgate in London, who resolves these questions followwing, viz. Whether any ones life may be happy or unhappy

11. Jack Orion

20. The Jack-in-the-Green : a May Day custom

27. Jacobean theatre

32. Jacob's room

41. The Jam

43. James Boyer

44. James by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, [et]c. To the Lord Treasurer, Chauncellor, Vnder-treasurer, chamberlaines and barons of our Court of Exchequer, and to all other our officers, ministers, and louing subiects, to whom it shall come or may appertaine, [and] to euery of them greeting: wheras heretofore by vertue of sundrie commissions and warrants by vs and our progenitours made, giuen, and graunted in that behalfe, diuers woods and trees haue beene fallen, cutte downe, soulde and giuen, and are to be fallen ...

46. James H. Rigg