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1. A tour of Exeter Cathedral

3. A translation of a charter, granted to the inhabitants of the city of Exeter, by King Charles the First : likewise some abstracts and quotations from charters and grants to the city of London, which serve as explanations to that part of the charter, which directs that the election of the Common-Council for the city of Exeter shall be according to the custom used for the election of aldermen for the city of London

4. The treatie for the surrendring of Exeter to Sr. Thomas Fairfax: by commissioners on both sides, who met at Poltimore House on Friday last, and how farre they proceeded therein, with other news from the Prince, and divers others of his lords and gentlemen, with the flouts and jeeres put upon them that went over to Saint Mallowes: and other passages of all the affaires at Barnstable, Pendennis and the Mount. These being true copies of letters examined, and printed according to order of Parliament

5. Trewman's Exeter flying post

6. True and ioyfull newes from Exceter. Shewing how Sir Ralph Hopton, Sir Bevill Greenvill, with divers of the Cornish malignants, made their approaches thither. With five thousand horse and foot, intending to plunder that great and rich city: and how they were manfully repulst by the valour of the citizens. With the losse of fifteene hundred of their men, on Munday last, being the one and twentieth of November

7. The true copie of a letter; sent from Sir Ralph Hopton. Col. Ashburnham. and Sir Iohn Berkley. To Mr. Christopher Clarke, Major of the city of Excester [sic], for the laying down their armes, raysed for the Parliament, and the delivering up the city to the King with the answer which the Major returned to them. Published by command

8. A true copy of the articles agreed on at the surrender of Exeter; examined, perused, and signed by his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, with a punctuall relation of the setlement and condition of that city by his Excellency. The particulars at large of the further gallant proceedings of his Excellencies army in the west, their daily motions and advance for Oxford. The surrender of St. Michaels mount, with the conditions agreed on. 30 pieces of ordnance. 3 murdering pieces. 100 barrels of powder. 500 muskets. 100 pike. 80 tonne of wine. And store of other provisions taken there. The treaty for the surrender of Pendenis and Dunster Castle. Commanded to be forthwith printed and published by the originall papers by order of Parliament