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17. Dansen op de vulkaan

18. DAREnet

42. De rebus belgicis, or, The annals and history of the Low-Countrey-warrs wherein is manifested, that the United Netherlands are indebted for the glory of their conquests, to the valour of the English, under whose protection the poor distressed states, have exalted themselves to the title of the high and mighty ...

44. De Ruyter : Dutch admiral

46. De Stijl

48. De Stijl, 1917-1931

60. Death on request

66. Declaratie ofte manifest van de hooge ende mogende heeren Staten Generael der Vereenichde Nederlandtsche Provincien : behelsende een oprecht verhael van der selver sincere intentie ende rechtmatinge proceduren ontrent de onderhandelinge met de extraordinaris ambassadeurs ende ghecommitteerden vande jegenwoordige regeringe van Engelandt ...

69. A declaration and narrative of the proceedings of the Parliament of England, touching the message and Letters of Credence, sent from the Estates General of the United Provinces; and presented to the Parliament by the Lord Ambassador Cats; with his Lordships speech delivered at the same time; and a translate of the States message into English; presented to Mr. Speaker by the Lord Ambassador Schaep; and read in the House: with the Parliaments answer, declaration, votes, and order, concerning the same. Published by authority

70. A declaration and ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for new loans and contributions as well from the united provinces of Holland as from England and Wales for the speedy relief of the miserable and distressed estate of the Protestants in the kingdom of Ireland : whose lives are dayly sacrificed not only to the malice of their and our bloudy enemies, the popish rebels, but likewise to starving, cold, and hunger

71. The declaration and remonstrance of the sea-men and mariners, concerning the present war and engagement between the Parliament of England and the Hollanders : with their gallant resolution to live and die together in the defence and preservation of religion, law, liberty, and freedom, and a list of the names of the English fleet, together with the number of men and ordnanoe [sic].

74. La declaration du Parlement de la republique d'Angleterre, sur les affaires & procedures entre cette republique, & les Estats Generaux des Provinces Unies des Pays Bas et les differens survenus, dont les Estats ont donné le sujet de leur part : et la response du Parlement sur les trois memoires presentés par les ambassadeurs extraordinaires des Estats Generaux, sur l'occasion du combat, qui s'est dernierement donné entre les deux flotes : avec la relation de ce qui s'est passé audit combat entre la flote d'Angleterre & celle d'Hollande : comme aussi, un récueil des procedures du traité commencé entre le Parlement de la république d'Angleterre, & le Sr Pauw ambassadeur extraordinaire des Estats Generaux des Provinces Unies

77. The declaration of the decree made by the Generall States of the Vnited Netherland Prouinces against certaine Arminians, or remonstrants, for their perpetuall banishment dated the 15. of Iuly, 1619, Stilo Nouo

78. A declaration of the King of Denmark, to the Emperour, the King and state of Poland, and his Highness the Elector of Brandenburgh: in relation to the treaty agreed and concluded at the Haghe [sic] in Holland, the 21 of May, 1659. Shewing the trecherousness of the Hollander in that treaty

84. A declaration of the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, relating to the affairs and proceedings between this Common-wealth and the States Generall of the United Provinces of the Low-Countreys, and the present differences occasioned on the States part. And the answer of the parliament to the three papers from the ambassadors extraordinary of the States Generall, upon occasion of the late fight between the fleets. With a narrative of the late engagement between the English and Holland fleet. As also a collection of the proceedings in the treaty between the Lord Pauw, ambassador extraordinary from the States Generall of the United Provinces, and the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England