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6. Babylon is fallen

7. Bacchus bountie describing the debonaire dietie of his bountifull godhead, in the royall obseruance of his great feast of Pentecost. Necessarie to be read and marked of all, for the eschuing of like enormities. By Philip Foulface of Ale-foord, student in good felloship

8. Baculum familliare, catholicon siue generale A booke of the making and vse of a staffe, newly inuented by the author, called the familiar staffe. As well for that it may be made vsually and familiarlie to walke with, as for that it performeth the geometrical mensurations of all altituded, longitudes, latitudes, distances and profundities: as many myles of, as the eye may well see and discerne: most speedily, exactly and familiarly without any maner of arithmeticall calculation, easily to be learned and practised, euen by the vnlettered. Newlie compiled, and at this time published for the speciall helpe of shooting in great ordinance, and other millitarie seruices, and may as well be imployed by the ingenious, for measuring of land, and to a number of other good purposes, both geometricall and astronomicall: by Iohn Blagraue ...