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3. D. Johann Jacob Woyts, ehemaligen öffentl. Lehrers der Arzneyk. in Königsberg, Gazophylacium medico-physicum, oder, Schatz-Kammer medicinisch- und natürlicher Dinge in welcher alle medicinische Kunst-Wörter, inn- und äusserliche Kranckheiten, nebst dererselben Genesmitteln, alle Mineralien, Metalle, Ertzte, Erden, zur Medicin gehörige fremde und einheimische Thiere, Kräuter, Blumen, Saamen, Säfte, Oele, Hartze &c., alle rare Specereyen und Materialien, in einer richtigen lateinischen Alphabet-Ordnung auf das deutlichste erkläret, vorgestellet, und mit einem nöthigen Register versehen sind

10. The Daily journal, Or, the gentleman's and tradesman's complete annual accompt-book for the pocket, or desk. For the year of our Lord 1769. Being the first after bissextile or leap-year, the ninth of the reign of King George III. and the eighteenth of the new-style used in Great-Britain. Containing fifty-two double pages, exactly ruled on fine writing paper, for appointments, memorandums, and accompts, every day in the year. 1. To which is prefixed an index to the year 1769, pointing out the holidays, festivals and fasts, and other remarkable day therein. 2. The Attorney's and solicitor's term table, table of lunations and sun's rising and setting, new table of the year, shewing every day therein at one view. And at the end are added the following useful particulars, I. On the use and abuse of time. Table of time, by which we may learn to lengthen our days, Table of all the counties in the kingdom, shewing the bishopricks and valuations, with the parishes, market and chief towns, number of members of Parliament they send, situation and noted rivers, &c. II. Table shewing the probabilities of life. Tables of the valuation of annuities upon one, two or three lives, jointly and separately, and the number of years in which an annuitant will have his money. Table of rules of practice for business, of great use to every tradesman. III. Table of the amount of the capitals in the public funds. Tables for reducing foreign gold coins to English pounds and the contrary. IV. Abstract of the window acts, with table annexed, shewing the several sums to be paid. Table shewing the duty required, composition allowed, and penalty incurred by the late act for amendment of the highways, by renters and occupiers of 300 l. per annum, down to a day labourer. V., and List of the house of peers, bishops and deans of the several dioceses throughout the kingdom; alphabetical list of the House of Commons; Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and their terms. Lord Mayor and court of Aldermen of London, and other useful particulars