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9. The lady's housewife's, and cookmaid's assistant: or, The art of cookery explained and adapted to the meanest capacity : containing, I. How to roast and boil to perfection every thing necessary to be sent up to table. II. Of made dishes. III. To make a number of pretty little dishes for a supper or side-dish, and little corner-dishes for a great table. IV. To dress fish. V. Of soups and broths. VI. Of puddings. VII. Of hogs puddings, sausages, &c. VIII. Of pyes. IX. To pot and make hams, &c. X. Of pickling. XI. Of making cakes, &c. XII. Of cheese-cakes, creams, jellies, whip-syllabubs, &c. XIII. Of made wines, brewing, French bread, muffins, &c. XIV. Jarring cherries, preserves. XV. To dress turtle, and make mock turtle. XVI. To prepare food for sick persons. The whole designed to fit out an entertainment in an elegant manner, and at a small expence. By E. Taylor