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15. W : the first 40 years

18. W A Hathaway Co : Catalogue 1924

22. W. A. Mozart

28. W. Albert Noyes

34. The W. Arthur Lewis reader

35. W. Ash's catalogue for 1789 : containing a collection of scarce and valuable books (lately purchased) in every branch of literature, and particularly in divinity. Most of them are in very fair and neat condition. The lowest prices are printed to each book, and will be sold (for ready money only), and continue daily on sale, by William Ash (successor to the late Mr. Keith,) no. 15, Little Tower-street, London

36. W. Ash's divinity catalogue, for 1788 : containing a collection of the most scarce and valuable writers on divinity and church history, and chiefly in very fair and neat condition; amongst which are many volumes of sermons. The lowest prices are printed to each book, and will be sold (for ready money only), and continue daily on sale, by William Ash (successor to the late Mr. Keith) no. 15, Little Tower-street, London

37. W. Averell Harriman

39. W. Averell Harriman (1954).

40. W. Averell Harriman (May 1952).

41. W. Averell Harriman (Oct. 1952).

43. W B Coon Co : Catalogue 1931

69. W. Baynes's catalogue, for 1799, of an extensive and valuable collection of ancient & modern books, in various languages, and upon every branch of literature, including part of the curious library of the late Hon. Aug. Butler Danvers, of Switzerland-Hall, Leicestershire, and John Gibbon, Esq. deceased : Among others equally valuable, are---Folio. Stukeley's Abury Montfaucon's Antiquities, 7 vol. Horfus [sic] Sanitatis, a great number of curious Wood Cuts Gerard's Herbal, by Johnson Sloane's Jamaica, 2 vol. Stubb's Anatomy of the Horse Marton's perspective, with appendix Churchill and the Harleian voyages, 8 vol. Doomsday book, 2 vol. Edmondson's Heraldry, 2 vol. Fullers Worthies Socimit Creihi; &c. opera, 9 vol. Hutchin's Dorset, 2 vol. Quarto. Antiquarian Repertory, 4 vol. Bentham's Ely Boyle's works, in Russia, 6 vol. Desagulier's Philosophy, best, 2 vol. Henry's Great Britain, 6 vol. Long's Jamaica, 3 vol. Bryant's mythology, 3 vol. Locke's works, 4 vol. Sir Wm. Jones's works, 6 vol. Smollett's Don Quixote, 2 vol. Shaw's Travels Willis's Buckingham Ciceronis Opera, 10 vol. Xenophonisa Hutchinson, 2 vol. Octavo. Dodsley's Annual Register, 36 vol. New Annual Register, 16 vol. Analytical Review, 25 vol. European Magazine, 30 vol. Gentleman's Magazines Monthly Review; &c. 142 vol. Critical Review, 89 vol. Collins's Peerage, 9 vol. Jeffrey of Monmouth, L.P. Lavater, by Holcroft, 3 vol. Novelist's Magazine, 23 vol. Swift's works, 27 vol. Sinclair's Scotland, 18 vol. Duodecimo. Voltaire's works, complete, 24 vol. Dodsley's Old Plays, 12 vol. extra Lettres de Sevigne, 6 tom. Rollin Histoire Romaine, 16 tom. Sermons de Bourdaloue, 15 tom. Which are now selling, remarkably cheap, by W. Baynes, no. 54, Paternoster-row, London, who gives the utmost value for libraries or parcels of books, and exchanges books on the most liberal plan

73. W blysku / In a Flash

87. W. D. Snodgrass