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1. Die wahre Tapferkeit eines christlichen Potentaten wurde als der weyland allerdurchlauchtigste, grossmächtige Fürst und Herr, Herr Friedrich Wilhelm, König in Preussen ... den 31 May gegenwärtigen 1740. Jahres ... aus diesem zeitlichen Leben in die selige Ewigkeit versetzer worden, in einer verordneten Leichen- und Gedächtnis-Rede aus denen Worten 2 Tim IV v. 7 und 8. am Tage Petri und Pauli vorgestellet, und auf Verlangen dem Druck übergeben

5. Warm beer, a treatise : Proving, from reason, authority and experience, that beer so qualify'd, is far more wholesome than that which is drank cold. Wherein is plainly shewn the great inconveniences and danger of drinking any cold liquor. I. In the head, to the teeth, gums, ears, and brain. II. To the throat and lungs. III. To the stomach, from whence spring most of the disorders in the blood, which occasion infinite complaints. IV. To the bowels, bladder, and kidneys. V. To the womb, proving it to be many times the cause of barrenness in women, &c. With a full confutation of all the objections that can be raised against drink being used warm, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest preservatives of health and long life. Published for the good of the people of this kingdom, after a long experience, and many observations on its usefulness and efficacy. By Martin Grindal, M. D.