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13. X = : poems

16. X : a novel

18. X : poems

25. X : Writings '79-'82

28. X & Y boletin

29. X 1/2 : the legacy of Malcolm

34. X agendas for architecture

38. X and Y Chromosomes

48. The X. Commaundementes

56. The X factor

64. X infallible signes and marks, to distinguish the true church from all other whatsoever: the lamb from the beast; that is, Christ from Belial. A. Christs. I. The temple of God. II. The Word of God. III. The servants or ministers of God. IV. The spirit of God. V. The Sacramental Union. VI. The regeneration. VII. Brotherly concord. VIII. A godly life. IX. The publike good. X. Disgrace and persecution. B. Antichrists. I. The temple of man. II. The word of man. III. The servants or ministers of the belly. IV. The spirit of the world. V. The elementary union. VI. The baptism of water. VII. Schisms and sects. VIII. A bestial life. IX. Private good. X. Worldy honour and pleasure

68. The X journal

71. X man

81. X minus one, Vol. 1 (Audio Theater).

83. X Museum 2020-2021

89. X power tools

91. X quinientos

93. The X rayed jacket